Is Pranic Healing Like Reiki ? No

One of the main questions I asked myself before I got into pranic healing courses. This article by master Steven Co answers it – Source



If you would like to know more about Pranic Healing, here are two previous articles I wrote

Pranic Healing In Kuwait

Pranic Healing In Practice 

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Pranic Healing Used In The Busiest Emergency Room In USA

NBC news made this report that includes pranic healing as a pain relief in a hospital in New Jersey. The results were fascinating as per the report. They have successfully reduced the usage of pain killers that can be addictive and have many side effects including death. Check the video out from this link

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Are You A Multipotentialite ? I Am …


Do you really enjoy many different things ?  Too many hobbies and passions, not only one ? Do you, or the people around you think this is just wrong?

This video is the right one for you. Enjoy…

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What’s Next ?


I’ve been on hold from posting due to some reasons. One of them might be that the level of traffic has been the same since long time without any an actual improvement. The other reason is that, I stopped feeling the “want” to write on Sala6a in the same way. Sala6a is still shown to be one of the top ~10 blogs in Kuwait which makes me wonder what would be next. I also enjoy the online presence. This is something I want to keep, but maybe in a different way.

My own interests has been shifted to other subjects. I’ve been studying and applying energy healing and Yoga for sometime and I am happy with the findings. The way is still long and I am in the process of figuring out, what’s next.

Whether this is something I want to post about in Sala6a or not, is still not very clear to me. I won’t be stressing out about it.


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Belief Creates Reality

Deepak supersouls .png

One of the most inspiring spiritual speeches I’ve came across – link. Presented by Oprah. And I want to share this with you, hoping it will be beneficial.


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2016 Earth Day With Runfie 

Runfie Earth day 2016.png

Last year I participated in this event and we managed to to make it a great cleanup event. What made me sad mostly was the cigarette butts left out at the beach. They are everywhere and can’t be cleaned/recycled by nature. Never I actually realised the significance of this matter as anytime before.

Anyway, the Runfie‘s 2nd annual Earth Day clean up will take place on Saturday the 23rd of April – 8:30 AM. Meet up @ Starbucks Marina Crescent. Everyone is welcome to join and give back to mother Earth. 

Runfie kuwait.png


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Living Yoga Festival 2016 Kuwait


Yoga Festival Kuwait.jpg

Ive been contacted by the Jivamukti Yoga Kuwait, organisers of the Living Yoga Festival. It’s a Non-Profit charity event which will take place on April 23 in the roof top of  Contemporary Art Platform (CAP). A 2 hour  yoga workshop by visiting Jivamukti Yoga teacher Chris Johns from Australia, followed by live music and art line up.

All proceeds of the paid event gets donated to Kuwait Animal Rescue Unit ( KARU). Tickets available here .


For more details about the event you can check their Instagram account

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