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Streets of Kuwait Are Great, Relatively

One of the things I learn about visiting New York last year was that streets there are not great as expected. The ones in Kuwait are relatively much better. In New York, cars kept on jumping instantly due to the street … Continue reading

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Next Week In Kuwait Will Be Freezing

Get prepared for next week. The minimum temperature in many weather applications shows around 4 degrees Celsius in Kuwait, but it is expected to reach zero in some areas as per some weather experts.

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Yoga At The Park

Since few weeks I’ve been wanting to attend the Saturday Yoga class at Alshaheed park but it was conflicting with my Saturday long run plan. This week I’ve been sick so I decided to take it easy, and postpone my … Continue reading

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Temperature In Ramadan Will Reach 65°

Many sources have mentioned that the temperature in many areas in Kuwait will reach 65 degrees during the holy month of Ramadan – Link. Won’t be surprised as we are still in the beginning of summer and temperature has already hit the 50-52° … Continue reading

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Series of Blackouts in Kuwait

Many in the social media were making fun of the series of blackouts in Kuwait that started after 24 hours from a statement by the minister of power “Our power systems are ready for the summer challenges”  Source. These came after … Continue reading

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Turkish Airlines Crash

Few hours ago, a Turkish Airlines flight THY726 (Airbus A330) has crashed after passing the runway in an airport in Nepal during a foggy weather. Evacuation was successful and no injuries were reported. “ The plane on a seven-hour flight circled for half hour over Nepal … Continue reading

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Gulf Air Abort Landing During The Sand Storm

I was tracking this Gulf Air flight from Bahrain to Kuwait just after the sandstorm hit Kuwait this afternoon at around 5 PM. The flight aborted landing and turned back to Bahrain. After like 30 minutes, an Emirates Airways coming … Continue reading

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