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Pranic Healing Used In The Busiest Emergency Room In USA

NBC news made this report that includes pranic healing as a pain relief in a hospital in New Jersey. The results were fascinating as per the report. They have successfully reduced the usage of pain killers that can be addictive … Continue reading

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Police Cars New Paint Colors

It seems that police cars new paint colors are out. The picture above somehow reminds me of the transformers colors. Bumblebee style ? Here is another color   Via Frankom

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Ice Cream For Workers

   A gentleman buying ice creams for workers in Al-Andalus, Kuwait. So loving and kind. 

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Kuwait Towers Opening in 5-3-2016

   Whohoooo. It’s officially announced! Kuwait Towers are re-opening after 5 years of closure! The opening ceremony will be on the 5th March 2016 and the towers will be open for public on 8th March! They deliberately made it after … Continue reading

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Worked 5 Months As A doctor When He Is Not!

A 22 years old man was arrested at Amiri Hospital for impersonating a medical doctor for 5 months before he got arrested! This was after a doctor had doubts that the man could not do stitches. The guy said he … Continue reading

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Dog on Kuwait Airport Runway Caused Flights Diversion

A dog was seen on the Kuwait Airport runway yesterday morning which prevented 4 flights from landing until the dog was caught. The flights were diverted to Bahrain and UAE. This actually happened few times in other ¬†international airports. It’s … Continue reading

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   A house owner in Kuwait offering free hot drinks including milk, tea and chocolate drinks… 

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