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Fight #1**

  Sick of these scenes. Even the bodyguards and the police are facing troubles in stopping these kind of fights. Update: This fight actually happened 7 months ago. Source

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Google Maps Yesterday: “Unusual Traffic”

Yesterday, I went with my wife to have lunch and tried to come back home around 2 PM but the place where I live, next to Safir International Hotel, was completely blocked by the police. They kept asking us to drive forward … Continue reading

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Kuwait Towers Opening 26th Feb 2016

I received some unofficial information that Kuwait Towers will be opened this month after the renovations are finished! This was similar to what was expected to happen last year, but it wasn’t true at that time. Will it really be true this year … Continue reading

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Car Hitting A Camel In Kuwait

This video was taken today few hours ago showing a Pickup truck hitting a loose camel on the 7th ring road. The guy who took the video was very upset. In another video he put the blame on the municipality. … Continue reading

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7310 Stabbed Due to “Why Are You Staring”

Alqabas published this article that violence has increased in 2015 witnessed violence rates increments due to mainly “Stares” “الخزة”. I didn’t want to write about this to keep the mood positive but awareness is required. Over all fights reached 12,000 … Continue reading

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Kuwait Airport At Risk Of Closure

While the western Kuwait Airport runway is under maintenance, the eastern functional runway is facing some serious issues regarding the quality of the eroded runway. It was affected due to the rains, similar to the roads problem we know about due … Continue reading

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Paralyzed From A Neck Crack

*Video was removed by uploader* This video was shared yesterday and went viral in Kuwait. I don’t like to share such a disturbing video (which I still can’t fully confirm it’s real and not an act by the way) but this … Continue reading

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