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1 Man, 6 Perspectives

  So deep experiment demonstrated in this 3 minutes video. 1 man, 6 photographers. It shows how the photograph is more shaped by the man behind the camera, not the one in front of it. It made me thought about perspectives, judgments … Continue reading

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Bad Accident In Hawalli caught In Camera


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Is Pranic Healing Like Reiki ? No

One of the main questions I asked myself before I got into pranic healing courses. This article by master Steven Co answers it – Source   If you would like to know more about Pranic Healing, here are two previous … Continue reading

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Belief Creates Reality

One of the most inspiring spiritual speeches I’ve came across – link. Presented by Oprah. And I want to share this with you, hoping it will be beneficial.  

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2016 Earth Day With Runfie 

Last year I participated in this event and we managed to to make it a great cleanup event. What made me sad mostly was the cigarette butts left out at the beach. They are everywhere and can’t be cleaned/recycled by … Continue reading

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Dropping Wallet Experiment In Kuwait

  Exotic Kuwait blog posted this youtube video about a dropping wallet challenge in Kuwait. The first thing I thought about that this experiment can get the guys into troubles with the people they are experimenting on specially with those who … Continue reading

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Fight #1**

  Sick of these scenes. Even the bodyguards and the police are facing troubles in stopping these kind of fights. Update: This fight actually happened 7 months ago. Source

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