About Me

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I think I am ready to tell the readers something more about me. This is what I have added in the new “About Me” page.

I am a mobile network engineer by profession, and an MBA. I love the studies I did but I never like to stop at any point to learn and experience different things. I still enjoy doing many other things as you have probably knew from my posts. I used to play tennis. I have black belt in Karate but I don’t practice it anymore. I sing (have been approached by The Voice and X factor but I never showed up in the auditions). I dance salsa. I play a little bit of piano and Guitar, and I run…

I am also a Pranic Healer. I have done the below Pranic Healing Courses and Certifications:

1- Basic Pranic Healing

2- Advanced Pranic Healing

3- Pranic Psychotherapy

4- Pranic Crystal Healing

5- Soul Realisation

6- Arhatic Yoga

I am married and  a father of two little kids. Sometimes I hope that my kids become tennis professionals, or at least pro athletes. Maybe something I’ve always wanted to be myself, but I also understand that it’s always their choice to become whatever they want to become.

Sala6a is supposed to be referring to a colorful salad dish consisting of a mixture of thoughts. They are my thoughts. This is why my posts vary in their nature. I simply write about anything I feel like writing about.

I started this blog in English, knowing that it’s my second language, but I feel more comfortable in communicating through it. Sala6a has not started to look for any revenues so it’s not business oriented. It’s mainly a personal social contribution that aims to be successful.

I’ve never thought about starting my own blog and I don’t know what I was thinking of the moment I decided. I have a feeling now that it is becoming to represent myself somehow in the social space. For the first 18 months, it used to focus about things in Kuwait, from my personal perspectives and through my own interest. It’s broader than that now.

I don’t know where I will be taking Sala6a later, but I am confident with the feedbacks I’ve been getting that it’s something I would want to continue on developing.