Streets of Kuwait Are Great, Relatively

Streets of new york vs Kuwait.jpg

One of the things I learn about visiting New York last year was that streets there are not great as expected. The ones in Kuwait are relatively much better. In New York, cars kept on jumping instantly due to the street conditions. I think this is mainly due to snow damaging the streets because it snows a lot there. And many people complain about this.

I remember when the rain damaged many parts of the streets in Kuwait this winter and the previous one, causing many potholes. This was mainly blamed on the quality of the materials used. They are now talking about a solution to prevent this from happening again.

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2 Responses to Streets of Kuwait Are Great, Relatively

  1. You’re right, our streets are comparatively better than many other places. I usually complain about the bad state our streets are in mainly because I know we have all the resources to make and maintain the best streets, yet we still don’t.

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  2. Just a quick note roads in the states get damaged because of the salt that is spread over the snow to melt it, and not because of water only ! šŸ˜‰

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