Gulf Air Abort Landing During The Sand Storm

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 5.25.39 PM

I was tracking this Gulf Air flight from Bahrain to Kuwait just after the sandstorm hit Kuwait this afternoon at around 5 PM. The flight aborted landing and turned back to Bahrain. After like 30 minutes, an Emirates Airways coming from UAE started descending, Jazeera Airways landed, and another Jazeera Airways took off…

I wonder how they can fly in this weather when visibility is extremely low specially for flying speeds, even if auto-landing is activated (auto-landing is usually activated when visibility is too poor and visual landing is impossible). I hear that they are used to it in the region.

Regardless of all the safely measures, and knowing that safety is the first priority in aviation systems design, I definitelty don’t wanna be in a flight during such a weather condition. It happened to me once while landing in Kuwait and it was AWFUL !

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3 Responses to Gulf Air Abort Landing During The Sand Storm

  1. I would’ve hated to be on that flight. Nearly touching home then having to go back! There should be some sort of advanced weather systems that could’ve showed the pilot the next 1 hour forecast, at least.

    I guess better safe than sorry in this case.


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