BEIN Sports “Live” Ad Messages


During the last week I’ve been receiving similar advertisement messages from BEIN Sports about subscribing in the EURO 2016 while I am on their channels. Translation is something like :

“Add the EURO 2016 and live the experience that comes inly once every 4 years. Follow the world champions competing in the advanced rounds. Call … or visit www….”

I was surprised because first, I don’t want to keep receiving such ads during watching their channels. And I don’t remember they have sent such ad messages before, other than the reminders of the subscription expiry date. This “Push” ad strategy for a paid service? Are they not getting the expected revenues from the EURO 2016 ?

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Getting Unstuck: Creating A Limitless Life

Deepack meditation.png

Oprah and Deepak are preparing a new 21-day Meditation program called “Getting Unstuck: Creating A Limitless Life”. The Program will start on 11 July 2016 which is nearly a month from now. If you have never done a meditation before this is a great way to start. Here is the LinkAnd its FREE for the first time of usage.

The meditations are usually 20 minutes that includes 10 minutes of light lecture, and 10 minutes of meditations. Till July 11, you can use the sample meditation that is in the link,or/and try this other meditation as well. Alternatively, you can always buy the 21-day of “Shedding The Weight” that is also in the website.



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Why Do You NEED To Meditate

 Meditation in kuwait.jpg

Few years back, I used to hear some of my friends going to meditation groups every once in a while. At the beach, park or centre. I thought it was a nice and relaxing thing but never took the action to do it. But after I got myself into Pranic Healing, and practised meditation regularly, I now realise that meditation is beyond that. Way beyond that. And this is why I wanted to write about it.

I simply view Meditation as getting connected to the inner self. The true self that is pure and innocent.


This can be attained once the mind and its thoughts are turned off.

Why to try it ? Because experiences can’t be replaced by explanation in words. So you must give it a try.

Since I’ve started meditation and gave myself healing sessions, my anxiety and stress levels went down dramatically. I deal with things calmer. I am now more proactive rather than reactive. I don’t allow my emotions, although they are always there, to control my decisions when I believe what’s right for me. Trusting my own self is enhanced, because those thick clouds that were around my head does not exist at the same level. There is always a roam of improvements. It’s like practising anything in life. The more we practise, the better we get.

Many sicknesses and illnesses, either physically or psychologically can be healed by both meditation and healing sessions together. Meditation should be taken as a healthy lifestyle, while healing sessions are there to boost the process of healing. I view meditation VS Pranic healing sessions as the difference between eating healthy, and doing an operation, but obviously without the associated risks and pains in the case of healing sessions. Healing sessions are given to help patients to find fast results while meditation is what eventually everyone has to maintain almost on daily basis for a healthier lifestyle. Healing can be very enjoyable specially when it reliefs pain. This can sometimes happen instantly, or in a day or two after the session. It can also take few sessions to heal someone’s injury or pain specially in chronic or serious illnesses. Most of the simple cases I heal such as stubborn lower back pains and stiffness (no disk) takes 2 days for the patient to find noticeable change or a complete relief from one session. Headaches on the other hand, can be instant or within few minutes. Traumas and anxiety might take few sessions, and with MEDITATION they can be fully healed.

Once practised, meditation becomes addictive, but in a great way. It becomes your cocoon time as one of my Arhatic Yoga teacher Sumi Lazar said. You get yourself there to increase your immunity and boost your energies before going to the outside world. you give yourself the time you need to connect and unite.



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Good Movies In The Cinemas ?



I was just checking the movies in the theatres this morning. Many seem interesting!

X-Men, Captain America Civil War (With Iron man character in the movie), The Angry Bird Movie (also available in Arabic), The Man Who Knew Infinity (the guy from Slumdog millionaire ), and others.

Planning to watch them all in the Grand Cinemas (My favourite)! Great that I have a VIP pass which was once gifted to me by the Grand Cinemas management. Will enjoy them all  for FREEEE. 😀

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Flying With Babies


I flew with my wife and two children for long distances  (~14  hours) few times in less than a year. I know how hectic and stressful it is for the parents. Sitting there and exchanging experiences with other parent passengers seem to be always the scenario happening at the front seats.

This is a smart ad by JetBlue that makes an hour-flight trip enjoyable with the crying kids!

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1 Man, 6 Perspectives


So deep experiment demonstrated in this 3 minutes video. 1 man, 6 photographers. It shows how the photograph is more shaped by the man behind the camera, not the one in front of it.

It made me thought about perspectives, judgments and subjectivity. The same person can be viewed in many different ways using the different bits of information.


Thanks Mouaz



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Bad Accident In Hawalli caught In Camera



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